Astrum Labs is an Information Technology Professional Services company dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions and removing the hassle traditionally associated with complex technology.

Expert Knowledge

Our staff has been in the Information Technology industry for nearly 30 years and are experts in a wide array of technologies and solutions, from simple Active Directory issues to complex network security implementations. Our extensive collection of knowledge allows us to tackle complex problems and create solutions that allow technology to be an asset rather than a drain on resources and time.

Targeted Solutions

We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of each of our clients and don't just offer "cookie cutter" solutions that only partially accomplish the goals. We work hand in hand with our clients determine the best solution, and ensure the solution is a true benefit that makes life better and easier.


Astrum Labs is dedicated to providing quality solutions for our clients. We want to furnish solutions that will solve your problems elegantly and completely, so that time can be spent furthering goals, rather than fighting fires.


The solutions we provide may be exceptionally complex under the hood, but we want to make sure that they are easy to use. Technology should enhance your life and your business, not complicate them.


We at Astrum Labs believe that upfront, honest communication and offering a good product at a fair price results in strong mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. We strive to live up to this belief in all our dealings.


We currently offer the following services:

Managed DNS

Network Management

Network Security Assessments

Professional Services

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