Professional Services

Expert Support

At some point, everyone runs into a problem that is outside of their experience. When you want to solve these problems with the least amount of headache possible, you reach out to an expert. Astrum Labs can provide that expert for all Information Technology related problems. We have extensive knowledge from nearly three decades of computing that we can bring to bear on any problem that vexes you and provide a complete solution that turns your technology into an asset.


We customize our solutions for every client, so we can never list all of the solutions that we can implement and support, but here are areas that we have often worked on:
  • Windows Server Build
    Our engineers have been working with Windows since Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Active Directory since it's inception in 2000. We've worked in networks spanning dozens of locations with hundreds of machines and we've worked in 5 PC offices. We can design, build, troubleshoot, maintain, and manage Windows servers and networks of any size and complexity.

  • Network Engineering
    Computers don't work in a vacuum anymore. Networks are a way of life and the only way to do business. We have the knowledge and experience that comes from working in numerous networks with complexities ranging from the 5 PC office to the sprawling campus with thousands of users to large corporate datacenters. We can design, implement, manage, and maintain a network customized to your needs and goals.

  • Network Security
    As networks have integrated with business, the data stored on them has become more valuable, and protecting that data has become more important. We have designed networks to be highly resistant to all attacks and are experts with Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and Content Filters. We recognize the three tenants of security, Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability, and will work with you to find the balance that fits your needs.

  • Email
    For many business email is the lifeblood; requiring constant uptime, maximum speed, and complete reliability. We've become experts with all aspects of email delivery; working with Microsoft Exchange 2003 and above, including Office 365, and deploying all manner of Spam Filters and Email Encryption solutions. We can handle migrations to the latest technology, or simply optimizing the technology that you already have.

  • Audit Remediation
    Security audits have become a necessary evil. We all dread going through them and having to fix the inevitably cryptic findings that result. As auditors ourselves, we are well aware of how difficult it can be to fully remediate audit findings, but we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you respond to and address any finding your auditor throws at you.

  • Virtualization
    Modern hardware is powerful. Virtualization makes full use of the power of modern hardware while providing flexibility, resilience and security that was not possible in the past. We can build the virtual machine cluster that fits your needs, regardless of size or complexity.   (803) 567-3205