Managed DNS

Understanding DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) was first envisioned to allow the use of human readable names on the internet in place of hard to remember computer numbers. It has since evolved into a generalized directory of public information that controls all aspects of the internet.

As the internet has become more important numerous additional features have been added to DNS. Malicious actors naturally turned on DNS and attacks have become more advanced and more prevalent. All this while the complexity of maintaining and securing your domain has increased exponentially.

Managed DNS Hosting

We at Astrum Labs recognize that your business relies on DNS for all of its online operations; from directing users to your public facing website, to ensuring your important emails are delivered. As such we provide:
  • DNS Zone Hosting
    DNS is designed as a distributed system. This allows us to host the records you entrust to us on multiple geographically separated servers that improve uptime, performance, and resilience against attack. We always follow best practice doctrine and have 100% service uptime since our inception.

  • Support for All DNS Records
    DNS has evolved. It now hosts a variety of information types. In addition to the original A and MX resource records, we support all DNS record types including TXT, AAAA, CNAME, DNSKEY, and CAA. This allows support for IPv6, and security through DNSSEC and Certificate Authority Authorization.

  • Expert Level Support
    With great flexibility comes great complexity. The hardest part of maintaining a resource as important as DNS is knowing how. We employ DNS experts that have years of experience operating some of the most complex DNS configurations to make sure that your domain is properly maintained, and still flexible enough to keep up with you and your changing needs.

  • Operational and Security Guidance
    Infrastructure quality and security start with DNS. We offer guidance to ensure that this cornerstone provides a solid and secure foundation on which to build your network.
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