Network Security Assessments

Assessment Reasons

Securing a network against malicious attackers is hard work, and you need to be sure that your security measures have addressed all vulnerabilities. To do this you need to have a fresh set of knowledgeable eyes asses the threats to your network, the attack surface you present, and ultimately your vulnerability. Only by knowing your true security posture can you build a stronger, more secure network.

In addition to simply securing your network, today's businesses have to comply with numerous laws and regulations. Audits, Assessments or Penetration Tests are often required. We feel your pain and want to make sure that you can not only comply with the laws and regulations, but truly protect the investment you have in your data.

Assessment Goals

An assessment is a tool meant to clearly identify weaknesses in a system. It must be understandable, it must be complete, and it must be correct. We at Astrum Labs take pride in the assessments we produce and strive to provide you with a list of vulnerabilities and recommendations that is comprehensive with no false-positives, that is clear and understandable, and that provides enough information for you to properly identify, test, and remediate the issues that were found.

Assessment Types

Different networks face different threats, so we offer different assessments that address different threat models.


Any network connected to the Internet faces constant attacks from bad actors. We want to find, and fix, any vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.
  • Internet Information
    We will scour the internet looking for sensitive information that an attacker could use, and identify common issues that could make your network less robust.

  • Services Testing
    The doorways into your network are the services you expose to the internet. We will probe these services to ensure that the doors are properly locked.

  • Web Presence
    Your website is how the world finds you, and the first impression they get. We will test your site to make sure that only you can make this impression, not some hacker.


Historically, networks have been designed with a hard outer shell, but a squishy interior. Modern attacks take advantage of this fact and attempt to gain a foothold inside and attack from there.
  • Patch Management
    Keeping your systems up to date is the best way to address the new vulnerabilities that are discovered every day. We will ensure that you know of any systems that have fallen behind.

  • Service Vulnerabilities
    Often internal services are configured just enough to get them up and running. We will look for configuration errors that may allow an attacker easy access to your data.

  • Design Flaws
    Network design can play a significant role in stopping or limiting an attack. We will examine your network and suggest ways your network design can make your network more resilient.

Social Engineering

The most secure network is only as strong as its weakest component. This link is often the human operator.
  • Phishing
    Phishing scams are all around us, but most users lack the training and the experience to effectively identify and react to these threats. We will perform a phishing attack to test your technical countermeasures, and help identify those users that are most susceptible, allowing training efforts to have the most impact on your security.
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